Textile Dyeing, Cotton, Rayon, Wool, Silk, Nylon & Polyester Yarns and Blends


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Caledonian Dye Works, Inc. is a commission dyer of cotton, rayon, wool, silk, nylon, acrylic, polyester and linen yarns and blends. In addition to the above fibers, Caledonian is capable of dyeing polyester yarn that once woven can be marketed as “bleach cleanable fabric.” Are you looking for commission dyers? Our commission dye house is the best in the industry. Our dye house is able to handle lot sizes as small as 30 pounds and as large as 1000 pounds. Our specialty in the industry is catering to customers with dye lot sizes in the mid five hundred pound range and less. Caledonian has eighteen package dyeing machines and four skein dyeing machines capable of handling a multitude of poundage variations suited to our customers ever changing market requirements.

Our commission dye house takes pride on doing quality work and giving our customers the added personal touches in color matching that is so often needed in this demanding market. The dye house is located in an area of Philadelphia that has had a long and historic history of textile manufacturing. The industries Caledonian serves with pride range from hand knitting yarns to yarns that will be eventually woven into fabrics for home furnishings, hospitality and safety markets. Kimberly Fitch Livingston, a fourth generation family member, is now at the helm of our corporation and holds an undergraduate degree from Franklin & Marshall College and a MBA in textile and apparel marketing from Philadelphia University. 

Our dye house has the ability to dye tube natural yarn that comes in on paper cones and the capacity for coning the yarn after dyeing to place onto paper cones to insure good quality running yarns. Our dye house is able to handle lot sizes as small as 30 pounds and as large as 1000 pounds.